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Mel’s salon is on a mission With their well packaged root touch ups service they call ROOTS TO GO  intended to help people with grey hair maintenance.   Their goal is to help woman and men who use unsafe home dyes instead of  safe salon dyes and they want to help them recover their once healthy shinny and smooth textured hair.

As salons are becoming expensive to maintain their grey’s,  many have chosen an alternative option that is cheaper while others use home dyes.  Although home dyes may be cheaper,  they carry the highest form of developer which over time will leave the hair frizzy, dry, dull and damaged and not to mention the uneven tones!

Roots to go is a concept based on charging their customers Box/ Home DIY colour prices for their root touch ups but using ONLY SALON PROFESSIONAL  DYES found in high end salons. Customers only pay R220 to maintain their re growth every 4-6 weeks.  Included with their services,

  • A personalised hair colours.
  • Safer levels of developer
  • They use a water purification system to eliminate chorine and other chemicals found in our water.
  • They guaranty 100% grey hair coverage

So before your next grey coverage, why not try Roots To Go at Mel’s salon and see how their serive works.

Apart from their mission, Mel’s salon has also helped many woman make the right decisions when it comes to permanent hair straighteners, Keratin treatments. For more information about all their salon and services, give them a call on Tel 0312019682, email or alternatively just pop in to say high.

Terms & Conditions

  • Re-growth must be a maximum of 2cm long (4-6 weeks).
  • There will be penalties costs added for regrowth that is longer than 2 cm or 4-6 weeks of regrowth.
  • This service does not include a set/blow-wave or style.  We will however dry the hair so that customers do not leave with wet hair.  If customers wish to style their hair they may do so with additional costs and prior booking.

The name Roots to Go is exclusive to Mels and is Trademarked for the protection against copy rights and mis-use.