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You are an individual,  unique in many ways. You  own your style.  Providing haircuts for ladies weather long or short to enhance their image, requires experience and creativity.  With over 10 years of experience and over 1000’s of haircuts, we are confident that we can do just that. We are always updating our training going that extra mile to ensure customers satisfaction on all our haircuts.

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Root touch up for grey hair

Root touch ups for Grey hair maintenance  

Roots Express

Mels hair salon is popular for their grey hair maintenance program called “Express”  In and out the salon in just 45 minutes.  Perfect for people on the go  or do not want to wait too long at the salon.  This service is offered to men and woman.


ladies – R290 (4-6 weeks regrowth)

Men – R200 

Styling the hair is not included. 


Mels Color Choices

Mels hair salon has partnered with companies who value the same professional Standards as Mel and their salons.  Mels choice of hair dyes are carefully chosen. They import their dyes from a company called Keune who are situated the Netherlands.  Keune is a family owned business founded in the year 1921 who started out in the year 1921 and made history by inventing the perm.  Based on Keune’s long history and their ability to remain as a family business is why they are able to supply products of the highest quality hair care products.

Mels stock hair dyes to suite everyone.  They stock  Color without PPD’a and ammonia.  People with sensitive scalps or allergies prefer these dyes.

Mels 9 minute dyes are most popular among Mels Root touch up clients. This color is fast processing and clients are usually out the salon in 45 Minutes.



Repair your hair with Mycro keratin hair treatment and experience, smooth, shiny, soft and Frizz free hair all year not just in the summer. Before you go any further, it is important to know that Mycro Keratin is not a permanent straightener.  It does not remove curls.  It only removes frizz from the hair.

Since all keratin hair treatments arrived in South Africa,  very few keratin treatments are able to offer a safe and longer lasting keratin treatment in Durban.

Mycro keratin does not contain excessive amounts of formalin because it relies on microtechnology rather than high levels of  formalin.   Mycro keratin allows microscopic molecules to penetrate the hair, enriching them with keratin, replacing the lost keratin giving you back, shiny, soft and FRIZZ FREE hair you always wanted.

Blow Dry and Go is now possible, while some woman with thick curly hair can benefit by reducing their styling time by half.  This process is much safer than a permanent hair straightener as they do not cause any damage to the hair.

  • MK contains 0.01% Formalin  (FDA recommends under 0.02%) 
  • 95% Frizz free hair
  • Makes dull hair Strong, soft,  smoother and shiny
  • Restores and rebuilds damaged hair
  • Seals and locks in color for a much longer time
  • NO future damage to the hair




Hair Colour

SAlon Professional hair colours

hair color - hair at mels

Salon professional hair colour

We offer Modern Colouring techniques for all hair types.  We carry only professional hair colour  products to ensure that we do not compromise the quality of the end results. Our choice of hair colour/ dyes are formulated to repair your hair in its process. Our Skills & advice are backed by continues training and education by trusted brands on the market to help you achieve healthier looking hair.

For customers with a very sensitive scalp, we carry hair color which are Ammonia and Paraben-PPD free. Customers having a hair color service for the first time will need to conduct a patch test.

Repair hair

Treatment to repair damaged hair

Hair Repair

Infra Red Repair Treatment for seriously damaged hair.  Damage from hair color, hilites and heat.  Just good nourishing extracts from plants nuts fruit and milk psource.

Mikl shake hair repair treatmentsUsing infra Red technology will hair Repair hair without using heat.  Add a good natural plant source treatments and experience the most wonderful transformation of your hair.  

The ultrasonic Infra Red Iron which is used to infuse the treatment, breaks down the treatments which is then easily absorbed by the hair.  Although this treatment shows excellent results, it is still advisable to follow through with the recommended after care (shampoo and conditioner) to ensure a stronger and longer lasting repair .



Pricing Table

Mels salon Price List

Our Prices depend on the hair length, Texture and the volume of hair.  The word “from”  below indicates short hair.  Prices are subject to change without notice.

Service For Him For Her
Hair Cuts & Styles R120 From R250
Full Hair Color R200 From R450
Hair Repair treatments From R350 From R350
Hilites per foil – Excl. Shampoo + Dry From R70
Roots to Go (4-6 weeks) Set not inclu. From R250
Keratin Treatments From R350 From R800
Permanent hair straightener  From R400 From R1200
Hot towel Mask 15 min From R 100
Shampoo & Style From R150
Girls cut and Style (under 12) From R200
Boys hair cuts (Under 12) From R100

Permanent Hair Straightener

For unmanageable curls

Permanent straightener

Unlike keratin treatments, Permanent hair straighteners do not contain any formalin or formaldehyde gases when heated.  Permanent hair straightening will remove unmanageable curls from hair.  The results are silky smooth and straight hair for a longer period.  Since it is permanent and wont go back to its original state, regrowth will be required after 6 months to match the initial straightened hair.

Mels choice of products used are based on their experience and results over the years. Although there are many popular products on the market like the Japanese straightener and Paimore, Mels choice of products used are well researched and backed by trusted and reliable sources. See Mels choice of products below. The below brands offer excellent support and training.  This is important to consider especially over such a technical service.

Opti Smooth Permanent hair straightener

Opti smooth permanent hair straightener will remove unmanageable curls from hair.

  • Heat Straightening (sleek, perfectly straight hair),
  • Cold Smoothing (smooth natural looking hair with movement)

Keune – Permanent hair straightener

Keune products can be trusted since the year 1922. They invented the perm!  So it only makes sense to trust them when it comes to straightening hair too.  Tweaking their formula for 100 years goes without say… they have paved the way for many other products and brands.


Hair cuts for Men


Haircuts for MEN

The modern man is becoming ever more style conscious, and is more likely to want to look and feel his best as modern life seems to demand.  Men can now enjoy the benefits of keeping up with the trends. With expert advice &  precision  haircuts to our men, our Stylist will leave you feeling fantastic and new again in just 30 minutes.


lock Stock & Barrel (LSB) is our recommended  range of hair care products to fit in with the lifestyle of the modern MAN. Lock Stock & Barrel (or LS&B) are a British Mens Grooming brand entirely focused on developing quality hair and grooming products just for men. The name is intended to reflect their intention to provide a total grooming solution for men.