La-Brasiliana Brazilian keratin treatment

La- Brasiliana - Keratin treatmentLa-Brasiliana is a Brazilian keratin treatment with collagen.  Our Brazilian Keratin treatment smoothes, shines, softens, Eliminates Frizz making it more manageable while reducing the time it takes to style your hair.  Unlike the permanent hair straighteners, This keratin treatment is not a straightener so you will never lose your curls.  This keratin treatment treatment repairs your hair while coating each hair strand like a stocking effect which protects your hair against humidity which is the No.1 cause for frizzy unruly hair.  Children from the age of 7 can have this treatment done.  It is recommended for all hair types, curly, colored, highlighted, bleached, etc including ethnic hair as well.  It is highly recommended to color your hair before the treatment as it will lock in the color’s vibrancy for at least two weeks longer.  The application process takes anywhere from 1.5 to 4 hours, creating a glossy finish and immediately visible results that last up to four months. With La-Brasiliana keratin treatment, hair maintenance is virtually effortless and unscathed by humidity, rain, or perspiration.

Durban is known for high humidity, Do yourself a favor and have a La-Brasiliana Keratin treatment.