Root touch ups grey hair management

Touch up your roots – shampoo – condition – dry off and go. Roots to Go is Mels most popular service.  No unnecessary waiting and they are perfect every time.

Mel’s salon has made gray hair maintenance as affordable as box dyes. No! they don’t use supermarket hair dyes! Mels salon only uses salon professional dyes which are only found at top end salons. Aside from the fact that they are the masters at Grey hair maintenance, they have also mastered their delivery system to ensure a good service. Hard to believe, just ask their customers.

Well, we did ask them and here’s what most people said. They said that Mel’s quality of products and service are above their prices. They also said that since using Mels hair salon, they noticed the change from dry and damaged hair to softer smoother and shinier looking hair. One thing is for sure, your grays needs coverage. So before your next root touch ups, give Mels salon a try and see if their roots program works for you too. For more information about Mels Salon, Just google search “best salon in Durban”

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Included with their services,

  • Personalized hair colors.
  • Safer levels of developer
  • They use a water purification system to eliminate chlorine and other chemicals found in our water.
  • They guaranty 100% grey hair coverage


Terms & Conditions

  • Re-growth must be a maximum of 2cm long (4-6 weeks regrowth) additional charges apply for longer regrowth.
  • This service includes a blast dry only and not a set or blow wave.