Brazilian Keratin Treatment VS Permanent Hair straightening Treatment

healthy-hair What is the difference between the Brazilian keratin treatment and Permanent hair straightening treatment?

It does not faze us at Hair at Mels when our customers are unable to tell the difference between the two treatments. This is because included in our service is educating our clients. Nonetheless the most common mistake clients make is that when they ask for a Brazilian treatment they really expect permanently straightened hair.  So today we focus on educating you on the difference between the two treatments.


Brazilian Keratin Treatment


The Brazilian Keratin treatment is not a permanent hair straightener. It is in fact  a Treatment!  The main benefit of this treatment, achieved through the elimination of almost 90% of the frizz,is silky soft hair.The Brazilian keratin treatment consistsof mainly Keratin (proteins which makes up hair, nails and skin). However some do consist of Collagen which provides elasticity to the hair.The Brazilian Keratin treatment is ironed onto the hair which fills the hair repairing the damages caused from ironing, blow-drying, dyes, over processing or the environment.  The hair is sealed by flattening the cuticle which provides the silky, smooth and shiny texture. It then coats the outside of the hair like a stocking. This stocking effect, protects the hair from absorbing moisture or humidity from the air. This protection can last between 2-4 months depending on how often you shampoo your hair. As you shampoo your  hair, the treatment gradually washes away.  If you want to prolong the treatment you should use sodium salphate free shampoos which contain Keratin and Collagen.Once the treatment washes off completely, your hair will then return to its original state.

Permanent Hair Straightener

Hair straightening treatments are permanent and are designed to straighten and relax the hair so that you don’t have to use a flat iron as often. These treatments contain a chemical that breaks the bonds that give each strand its straight shape. This treatment is suitable for coarse, frizzy or curly hair types. Keep in mind that…since this treatment permanently changes the structure of the hair, you have to continue them or endure a grow-out period. They contain chemicals which could damage the hair. If your hair is over processed you would be wiser to go for an alternate treatment.  The Permanent Hair StraightingTreatment should be applied by a qualified stylist who evaluates your hair before applying the product. It is important to tell the stylist everything you’ve done to your hair in the past two years.

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