Frizzy hair – how to prevent it

frizz-hair-rainFrizz for most woman can be dreadful. It can take hours to straighten out frizzy hair but not to mention those painful shoulders and arms. So what causes hair to frizz up?

Cuticles (outside layer of hair), usually lay down flat which gives the hair a shinny, smooth texture, look and feel. When the cuticles are lifted, it allows moisture from the air (humidity) to enter the hair causing hair to frizz up.

Why does the cuticle open?

  1. Chemicals like hair dyes and bleach instantly cause the cuticle (frizzy hair) to lift from just one application. More than one application would over process the hair causing not just frizzy hair but sometimes irreversible damage to the hair.
  2. Permanent straightening or relaxes can only remove curls and not frizz. You might end up with straight hair but not frizz free hair.
  3. Ironing over dried unprotected hair is the most common cause to frizzy hair. This is how virgin hair (hair that has not been chemically processed) losses its shine and smoothness. Have you been using any heat protection? Thought so… Hair irons also hide frizz, they do not eliminate frizz.
  4. Using the wrong products together with the above mentioned situations will contribute significantly to frizzy hair which will eventually cause more damages to the hair shaft.

With so many other factors contributing to frizzy hair as well, how can one eliminate frizz completely? The simple solution is Mycro Keratin. Micro Keratin treatments provide a second chance for everybody with any hair type. Its main purpose is to eliminate frizz by closing the cuticle.  This is how styling time can be reduced while providing that lost shinny and smooth texture you once had. We recommend Mycro Keratin products because it’s the safest product on the market which lasts the longest, up to 6 months with the correct home care.

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