Great customer experience using Technology

Since 2009, Mel has been using their customers feedback to continuously develop their customer services.  Their main focus is to provides their customers with consistency on every visit and without any unnecessary waiting. Now they are integrating computer technology and smart phones to help them improve efficiency and service delivery creating a better customer experience.

Using a link to their customers cell phones, customers gain access to

  • View their accounts
  • Manage their own Appointments
  • View appointments available at all their stores in real time
  • Download their statements
  • Track their loyalty points in Rands and not points

Now that customers can manage and control their appointments by them selves, Mel and her team can now focus more on the best customer experience.

Over the years, Mels salon has been operating very differently from other salon. Aside from them having a system that works, Mel’s team is driven towards quality and not sales. They are the only salon who offers their customers guarantees on expensive treatments like, hair coloring and Keratin treatments. They also provide their loyal customers with kick backs which they use to purchase products or services. Their focus has always been on creating and developing a unique customer experience with an added value.    As their customers base continues to grow as far as Durban North, Umhlanga and Phoenix, Mel is looking to expand into these communities.




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