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Revivogen -Hair loss treatment

The problem


Studies shows baldness increases with age and affects 73.5 percent of men and 57 percent of women starting from ages 30. Are you experiencing any hair loss?

Hormones imbalance, Stress, illness, medication, diets, and child birth can cause temporary hair loss.  However the biggest hair loss problem that effects men and woman are hereditary. If your parents or grand parents (on both sides) experienced hair loss, then you are most likely going to experience the same problem. The good news is that there are hair loss treatment that can stop hair loss and reverse it.  Thats right reversed!  But first you need to understand which type of hair loss effects you so you will understand how to treat it.


The Cause

Pattern baldness

Enzymes Produce Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) attacks the hair follicle underneath the skin.  This process slowly miniaturizes the hair follicle thinning your hair until it falls out.

So how do we know if DHT or hereditary is your type of hair loss and what hair loss treatment will block the dht?  With Men, you will notice that the receding line on both sides and around the crown starts to get thin and continues until they meet. By this time most of your hair would have fallen out.  With Woman, we notice the thinning of hair starts from the center path and slowly spreads across onto either sides.


 The Solution  – Revivogen hair loss treatmenthair loss products -Durban

 Block the DHT from attacking the follicle Early and stimulate the follicle for regrowth.

 We recommend Revivogen Pro.

Revivogen has been Dermatologically formulated and clinically proven to be 88% effective at restoring your hair loss to what it was 3-5 years earlier.  It’s unique natural ingredients will stop shedding & promote healthy hair growth!

Revivogen contains the most powerful anti-DHT ingredients available today, with a unique delivery system to ensure active ingredients penetrate the scalp & reach the hair follicles where hair loss starts. Revivogen is a very effective product and can produce results within 90 days.

Although you may not require any reassurance regarding Revivogen’s authenticities, below you will find a few publications in popular magazines.

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