Hair stylists vacancies in durban has dropped drastically over the past years.  Qualified Hair Stylists are required to have existing clientele in order to find work and earn a decent wage. So how does one build clientele before working?     

While the Hair and Beauty Industry is challenged by these many problems created by a saturated industry, Mels Salons are proving that there are better opportunities today than before.   

In the year 2010, while the economy was at its toughest, Mel started out as a self employed hair stylist and has worked their way up to 3 hair salons in Durban today.  This proves that they know what they are doing and they are getting there fast. Employing the right team is the key part of their success. 

Why join Mels Team?

Unlike most other salons, Mels stylist are not pressured by sales targets.  That’s because Mel already has a large customer base. Stylist are now able to give all customers their full attention without pushing on unnecessary sales.  This is one of the reasons why Mels has a large customer base.    

What does Mels ideal stylist need for employment?

  • Stylist will firstly need to have a recognised qualification. 
  • They will need to be confident and be able to work as a team. 
  • Mels stylist will have to be able to cut and style men, woman and children and do so with complete precision and timeously. 

Although Mel may be looking for other traits from her team, the above 3 requirements is whats most important.