Permanent Straightener or Keratin treatments

Permanent hair straightener or keratin treatments? That’s one of the most popular questions from customers at Mels Hair Salon. Mels Hair Salon is situated in Durban, were high humidity are expected throughout the year. The climate in Durban makes hair unmanageable for many people with frizzy hair or curly hair.

It is important to know that these two services are completely different and they both have completely different outcomes. Permanent hair Straightener will straighten out curls from hair permanently. Keratin Treatments remove only frizz. Keratin treatments main function is to smoothen out the frizz and not curls (what is frizz). One can straighten out curls with a chemical straightener but may still require a keratin treatment to smoothen out the frizz from the hair.

There are some companies who have tried to combine these two products together however, while this may sound like a good idea, these companies have not been able to prove longevity without damage to the hair.

Mel chooses their products based on its quality and the support provided from those brands. This helps provide Mels salons with the best training and education possible.

Did you know that keratin treatments first started arriving in South Africa in the year 2009. However, many people still misunderstand what keratin treatments are. Mel has advised many times before, Keratin treatments are not permanent hair straighteners! They are in fact hair treatments which repairs and smoothen out the frizz from hair. In other words, keratin treatments transform hair back in time. Regular exposure to hair irons, hairdryers and hair coloring break away the natural keratin from the hair causing the hair to frizz up. Since Keratin treatments removes the frizz from hair, it reduces blow drying & styling the hair by half the time. The longevity of the keratin treatment depends on the after care of the hair. Keratin treatments can last from 3 – 6 months or longer based on the correct aftercare used.

With poor regulations from the industry, many keratin treatments which have been banned in most countries continue to enter our country and have been flooding South Africa ever since. Mel is therefore always on the lookout for the safest keratin treatment not only for their customers but also for the wellbeing of their employees. Their well trained applicants are trusted for their experience who always ensures the best outcome. They are the only salon in the country who offer their customers a guarantee on their keratin treatment giving them the title “Best mycro keratin salon in Durban”. As part of their service, Mel always ensures that customers receive the right education and advice to get the most out of their keratin treatments lifespan.

For more information about Mels hair salon and other services they offer, call them on Tel (031)2019682 or drop them a mail on Alternatively just pop in at their Durban North, Springfield and Overport branches to say hello.

Mels salon – Coronavirus

We understand that this is a stressful time during this Coronavirus pandemic. In effort for combating the coronavirus at our salon, we at Mels Hair Salon just wanted to reassure you that we are even more committed to providing a safe and healthy environment. Although we have already been practicing good hygiene since before the coronavirus, we have made some inclusions to help us keep our environment sterile and safer for all customers and our staff.

Our disinfectants have been replaced by Isopropyl Alcohol which is normally used to clean beauty equipment and tools. We are now using this to wipe and clean all surface areas including chairs, workstations and basins. We have already been using it to clean our Brushes, combs, basins, scissors, clippers and others tools before and after they are used on customers.

We also have hand sanitizes which contains 75% of rubbing alcohol which we will be asking customers to use on entrance of our stores.

Should any of our staff show signs of being ill, we will immediately place them on sick leave and they will only return until we are sure they are not infected by the virus.

We would also like to ask all customers to please use tissue to cover their mouth and nose should they feel the need to cough or sneeze and not their hands. feel free to use our hand sanitizes or liquid soap to wash your hands.

Finally, if you are not feeling well, rather stay at home, get some rest and seek medical help if needed.

Your support during this time is important to us. Any suggestions are welcome to help us serve you better. For suggestions, please email us on

Lets stay positive and work together to stay healthy,

Be safe,


Who is Keune

JM KEUNE has been making hair products for pros since 1922. They are a family company based in Holland.

In the 1922, Jan Keune was an Amsterdam pharmacist fascinated by curls. Jan experimented until he invented a liquid perm formula – a big hit with the ladies and the first Dutch product to conquer the world.

Keune also invented….

As big hair became fashionable, Jan introduced hairspray and a cold perm formula. Then he launched hairspray in a “new” aerosol can – just press and spray! Hair gel was his next innovation. And later, Jan’s son George introduced mousse – preferring this French word to the English “foam”. George Junior brought us Tinta Color, a global success story. Their latest invention are their mens shampoo stick. Just twist the bottom to push the shampoo stick out of the container to shampoo your hair. Great for traveling and excellent for using at the gym.

Caring for our world

They are all part of a larger world that we need to treat with care. Your best you also means helping people with disabilities feel valued, everyday. The Keune Group offers employment to those with mental disabilities, as part of our team. We also welcome displaced people, who’ve had to flee their countries and seek new lives with us.

Keune also loves animals, and is proud of our cruelty-free practices. Then there’s our planet, which needs us, too. So we save energy, reduce water waste, use natural lighting – and even take advantage of the chilly Dutch climate to cool products during production. And thanks to our strict quality standards, we are Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Resources certified.

Salon costs – Know what you pay for

While many people are cutting out their monthly expenses, does cheaper mean better? Not when it comes to your hair, says Mel from Mel’s hair Salon. Mel often hears about customers asking for specials, deals or promotions, but they seldom ask about their products used.

Mel says “Customers who are considering saving money should know what they are paying for otherwise they might end up spending more to redo their hair at another salon. So what are salons really charging for and how do you know what you’re paying for?

  • Firstly, do some research. Try Google searching the salon first to see what comes up. Google and Facebook makes it easy for customers to leave comments. See what the majority are saying.
  • While shopping for prices, check out what products they use at the salon basin. Always ask to see the products used. Customers believe anything their salon tells them but never check for themselves. Most customers don’t notice what products are really used at the basin. Good quality products at the basin indicate great value for money otherwise you’re paying too much.
  • Avoid big sales or discounts. Most hair salon deals are scams. You either pay the full price at the end of your service or you do not get what you asked for.

Save yourself the inconvenience and unnecessary expenses. Know what you’re paying for, after all it’s your money!

Grey hair maintenance

You’ve been a devoted hair salon patronage but now you find yourself standing in the box color isle at your local supermarket asking yourself, what would my stylist say or do? Your stylist would probably say… ”goodbye healthy hair! hello dry and damaged hair ”. But you don’t have a choice, right? No, you’re wrong! because you do have a choice…

Mel’s salon has made gray hair maintenance as affordable as box dyes. No! they don’t use supermarket hair dyes! Mels salon only uses salon professional dyes which are only found at top end salons. Aside from the fact that they are the masters at Grey hair maintenance, they have also mastered their delivery system to ensure a good service. Hard to believe, just ask their customers.

Well, we did ask them and here’s what most people said. They said that Mel’s quality of products and service are above their prices. They also said that since using Mels hair salon, they noticed the change from dry and damaged hair to softer smoother and shinier looking hair. One thing is for sure, your grays needs coverage. So before your next root touch ups, give Mels salon a try and see if their roots program works for you too. For more information about Mels Salon, Just google search “best salon in Durban”

Mel’s Salon now opened Durban North

Mels Salon now opened Durban North, Kensington Sqaure.


Based in Springfield Park  recently opened in Overport and Now here in Durban North. Mels Salon is surely growing very quickly.  The question is why and can they make a difference in Durban North?

Established in the year 2009 Mel has since been inspired by their customers. For them, their greatest success is measured by the many satisfied customers. They are focused on quality and provide expert advice. But that’s not where they stop. They also pay close attention to the feedback of dissatisfied clients and use this feedback to motivate them. They envision themselves as innovative leaders who are always re shaping their business model to suite their customers needs. They are truly a passionate team who love their job.

As the saturated Hair industry  continues to create price wars and loses focus on quality, Mel’s hair salons are approaching the industry differently.  They are coming up with solutions to provide customers with consistency in services. Using advanced technology and an efficient system, they have brought a new concept of doing business in this industry.

Mauro Bonini, stylist and owner of Headboyz salon at the Kensington Square believes in Mels idea and concept.  After 25 years of hairdressing in Durban North, Mauro closes his chapter in hairdressing and passes his salon onto Mel and their new concept of doing business. Mauro believes Mel’s business concept will create new job opportunities faster and provide the community with a better service.

Although Mel has an established customer base in Durban North, they are so excited and looking forward to making new friends and families.  The next time you visit the Kensington square center in Durban North be sure to visit their friendly team.  For more information about Mels hair salons, trading hours, their products or services, visit or call 0312019682




Great customer experience using Technology

Since 2009, Mel has been using their customers feedback to continuously develop their customer services.  Their main focus is to provides their customers with consistency on every visit and without any unnecessary waiting. Now they are integrating computer technology and smart phones to help them improve efficiency and service delivery creating a better customer experience.

Using a link to their customers cell phones, customers gain access to

  • View their accounts
  • Manage their own Appointments
  • View appointments available at all their stores in real time
  • Download their statements
  • Track their loyalty points in Rands and not points

Now that customers can manage and control their appointments by them selves, Mel and her team can now focus more on the best customer experience.

Over the years, Mels salon has been operating very differently from other salon. Aside from them having a system that works, Mel’s team is driven towards quality and not sales. They are the only salon who offers their customers guarantees on expensive treatments like, hair coloring and Keratin treatments. They also provide their loyal customers with kick backs which they use to purchase products or services. Their focus has always been on creating and developing a unique customer experience with an added value.    As their customers base continues to grow as far as Durban North, Umhlanga and Phoenix, Mel is looking to expand into these communities.




Roots Touch Up For Grey Hair Maintenance

For many, Grey hair maintenance or Root touch up every 2 weeks can be the most inconvenient process because it consumes so much of personal time spent at a salon.  People who experience faster re growth may need to visit their salon twice a month, every month.  Those who choose the short ‘cut’ route by using home dyes for their roots touch up, never seem to get over the dry, dull, damaged and inconsistent hair tones.  So why not leave it to the professionals…

Mel’s salon has a solution to this grey problem.  They have come up with a service to manage their customer’s greys effectively and at an affordable price.  They use only salon professional color which usually cost around R350 – R400 but instead they only charge R220 which covers a 4-6 weeks of a re growth.  They Stock a variety of professional hair colors to suite every customer’s needs including hair dyes which are PPD and Ammonia free.  All their products are imported from around the world, mainly London, Italy  and the USA.  They always ensure that their customers are receiving the best results, even when they are at home.

Over the past 5 years, Mel’s Roots to Go service has helped their community with maintaining their grey hair and has helped recover their once healthy and shiny hair.   There are hundreds  of women who recommend Mel’s Root touch ups services. This makes Mel’s Salon the most experienced salon in Durban when it comes to Root Touch Ups and grey hair management.  So before your next Roots Touch Up, Why not consider Mel’s Roots to Go Service?

For more information about Mel’s hair salons and their services, visit them at the Atrium Mall in Overport or 2 Intersite Avenue in Springfield Park and now opened in Kensington Square, Durban North, go to or call them on Tel 0312019682.



Moyoko is the new Professional Hair Iron that emits an infrared light from the center of the heated plates, and its brought to you by Mycro keratin.  If you didn’t know, Micro Keratin is the fastest growing keratin treatment on the the market.  Anyone who has done a Keratin treatment knows that the treatment has to be ironed onto the hair.  This ironing process activates the treatment as well as seals the cuticle leaving your hair with a smoother and frizz free hair for up to 6 months. Click here for more info about Mycro keratin 

Although The Moyoko hair iron was designed for application process when doing the Mycro keratin in the salon, we believe that it will also become a house hold name very soon.  And here’s why….

The Moyoko hair iron radiates an infrared light found on the center of the heated tourmaline plates.  We know!!! Its hard to imagine….

Infrared Light reduces hair damage by 60%. Long term benefits mean less breakage. This technology also helps retain moisture and therefore increases shine and manageability.

Another amazing feature is the ironic generator.  The ironic generator emit irons into your hair to restore the balance of positive and negative ions which makes your hair shiny, smooth, frizz free and manageable.

Can Moyoko be used at home ?

Yes! Like most hair irons today, Moyoko offers the control of temperature which can be lowered to be used at home.  Using the Moyoko hair iron in conjunction with the Mycro Keratin treatment and after care products is believed to sustain a smoother and frizz free hair for a much longer period than any other hair iron or keratin treatments on the Market.

The Price?

We feel that most hair irons today are over priced. The Moyoko hair iron features everything that the most expensive hair irons offers plus Infrared emitting light and an ironic generator where no other iron has this feature.     This hair iron retails for an amazing R1800 and comes with a 2 year warranty.

Why not come visit our store in Springfield park and see what this new innovative technology is all about.  Its worth the price !!!