Stylist wanted

Over the past 10 years the Professional Hair Industry in South Africa has saturated itself with self employed hairdressers everywhere. As competition rises with lack of business knowledge, so does price wars accompanied by poor workmanship. Many self employed stylist have therefore become demotivated or complacent. This chaos is frustrating the consumer and customers cannot tell the difference between professional and none professional products and services any more.

Why join Mels Salon ?

In the year 2009, Mel also started out as a one man band self employed hairdresser with a start up capital of only R5000. Today, Mel has established 3 Professional Hair Salons and valued over a few Millions of Rands .

How have they achieved this? Aside from providing great hair cuts, here’s what else Mel needed to know. They had to learn Marketing and advertising, develop their own website, learn business management, learn Human resources, understand labor laws, learn social media management, take courses on customer services, write blogs, hire business coaches to help them make the right day to day decisions. These are only some of the things which Mels Salon had to learn while keeping themselves updated within the professional industry.

Nobody understands challenges self employed stylists face better than Mel does. As a newcomer to this industry and over the past decade, Mels salons are the only salons to have shown any growth and the ability to develop in more than one community. Mel believes that they have the right business model, attitude, support needed to reach out to many more communities. Although they are on their way, they also believe that they can achieve this faster with the help of qualified hairstylist who are looking for a similar opportunity.

Mel is always keeping a lookout for hair stylist who can fit in with their existing team. If you’re a qualified hairstylist interested in joining Mels Salon, email your C.V with a cover letter explaining why you would like to join their team. email

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