Box dyes compared to Salon dyes – easy explanation

box dyes compared to home dyes

There’s a reason why more people prefer salon dyes compared to box dyes. People who tried box dyes may experienced loss of shine, dryness or a coarse texture over time. Here’s the main difference between box dyes compared to salon dyes.

Permanent hair dyes must be accompanied by a developer which contains Hydrogen peroxide. The developer can range from 3% and can go as high as 18% being the strongest. Box dyes contain the strongest developer between 15% and 18% of hydrogen peroxide because the manufacture caters for stubborn hair types first. In a salon environment you will find many people using the same color for example dark brown however they don’t all use the same developer. Everyone’s hair type is different. Which hair type are you?  Now check to see what percentage developer your box dye carries, couldn’t find it? That’s because they do not want you to know all the facts.

It takes 2 years of formal training and many years of experience to understand when to use the correct developers to achieve that perfect color while maintaining the health of the hair. For this reason customizing your hair color can only be done by a qualified stylist. So lets just stop right there.  Save your hair the damage by leaving it to the experts.

Over the past 10 years, Mels hair salon have become popular for their expert advice. They are recognized as the color experts especially when it comes to grey hair. They apply more hair color and root touch ups than any other salon in Durban. They have helped thousands of people achieve their perfect color and recover their once healthy hair. If you’re going to cover your greys give Mel try, what do you have to lose except for the greys.

Mel’s Hair Salon  is based in Springfield Park and branches at the Kensington Square in Durban North and the Atrium Mall in Overport.  Tel 0312019682

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