Why home dyes do not cover grey’s

  Why home dyes do not cover grey hair – Easy explanation

l-oreal-feria-t53-cool-medium-brown-moonlit-tortoise-5Many of our customers ask why home dyes do not cover grey hair properly. To understand why this happens, you will need a little information about the developer used with home dyes.

Developers come in different strengths. They are usually referred to as volume and it comes as 10, 20, 30 and up to 40 volume.

10 -20 Vol  is used to deposit color and best for covering grey hair.  30 – 40 Vol is used to change a color and is suitable for fashion coloring vente generique cialis.  Home dyes carry only 30 – 40 vol developer and they do not come with 10 – 20 vol for grey hair coverage.  This is why grey hair never gets covered properly.  Although home dyes packaging state 100 % grey coverage, it also advises you on the back that the roots will be lighter (translucent) then the rest of the hair. To understand why companies do not package 10-20 vol , you would need to have the knowledge of a professional stylist.  So lets just leave it right there.

Then why does black home dyes cover grey hair and cover so well ?  Black dyes stain the hair to the point of no return.  Once you go black, you cannot go back.  Even hilites struggle to penetrate through black dyes.  Another common problem with home dyes is with continues application or color over color will cause color build ups which leaves your hair with a straw like feeling and this will cause the hair to become weak, dry and damaged.

Hair at Mel’s in Springfield Park has a solution to this problem.  They offer an in-salon service for gray hair maintenance called Roots to Go.  This service aims to assist those who have been using home colors or may be finding it too expensive at their salon to manage their grey hair.


  • Customized color with the right developer
  • 100 % grey coverage every where
  • healthier looking hair
  • No color build ups

More about Roots to Go… 

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