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Established in the year 2009 Hair At Mels has since been inspired by their customers. For them, their greatest success is measured by the many satisfied customers. They are focused on quality and provide expert advice. But that’s not where they stop. They also pay close attention to the feedback of dissatisfied clients and use this feedback to motivate them. They envision themselves as innovative leaders who are always re shaping their business model to suite their customers needs. They are truly a passionate team who love their job.
In 2012, Mels Salon participated on the T.V. show called The Business Coach {episode 12} which intended to teach entrepreneurs how to grow their business. The experience and opportunity has helped them identify problems within their business and to solve them efficiently and now they are on their way with 3 stores now opened.
Based in Springfield Park, they attract customers from their surrounding communities. Since February 2018, they have opened 2 more stores located in Overport and now Durban North at the Kensington Square. Mel is busy finding other communities to take their concept to.

What they truly believe

They envision themselves across communities where customers can experience consistency in quality of services and prices while maintaining their service delivery time. They have so far achieved this using online booking systems and a central call center.
Their goal is to be recognized as the first chain of salon with an anovative business model which can sustain growth by maintaining a growing clientele and provide employment to the many more communities they intend serving.
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Repair hair

Repair Bleached or dry and damaged hair instantly using infra red technology.


Mels Guaranty

Hair dyes, developers and all other products used at Mels Salons are made for professional use only.  All their products […]



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