Why home dyes do not cover grey’s

  Why home dyes do not cover grey hair – Easy explanation

l-oreal-feria-t53-cool-medium-brown-moonlit-tortoise-5Many of our customers ask why home dyes do not cover grey hair properly. To understand why this happens, you will need a little information about the developer used with home dyes.

Developers come in different strengths. They are usually referred to as volume and it comes as 10, 20, 30 and up to 40 volume.

10 -20 Vol  is used to deposit color and best for covering grey hair.  30 – 40 Vol is used to change a color and is suitable for fashion coloring vente generique cialis.  Home dyes carry only 30 – 40 vol developer and they do not come with 10 – 20 vol for grey hair coverage.  This is why grey hair never gets covered properly.  Although home dyes packaging state 100 % grey coverage, it also advises you on the back that the roots will be lighter (translucent) then the rest of the hair. To understand why companies do not package 10-20 vol , you would need to have the knowledge of a professional stylist.  So lets just leave it right there.

Then why does black home dyes cover grey hair and cover so well ?  Black dyes stain the hair to the point of no return.  Once you go black, you cannot go back.  Even hilites struggle to penetrate through black dyes.  Another common problem with home dyes is with continues application or color over color will cause color build ups which leaves your hair with a straw like feeling and this will cause the hair to become weak, dry and damaged.

Hair at Mel’s in Springfield Park has a solution to this problem.  They offer an in-salon service for gray hair maintenance called Roots to Go.  This service aims to assist those who have been using home colors or may be finding it too expensive at their salon to manage their grey hair.


  • Customized color with the right developer
  • 100 % grey coverage every where
  • healthier looking hair
  • No color build ups

More about Roots to Go… 

What causes frizzy hair ?

frizz-hair-rainFor most women, washing and setting their hair at home can be dreadful. It can take hours to straighten out frizzy hair but not to mention those painful shoulders and arms. So what causes hair to frizz up?

Cuticles (outside layer of hair), usually lay down flat which gives the hair a shinny, smooth texture, look and feel. When the cuticles are lifted, it allows moisture from the air (humidity) to enter the hair causing hair to frizz up.

Why does the cuticle open?

  1. Chemicals like hair dyes and bleach instantly cause the cuticle (frizzy hair) to lift from just one application. More than one application would over process the hair causing not just frizzy hair but sometimes irreversible damage to the hair.
  2. Permanent straightening or relaxes can only remove curls and not frizz. You might end up with straight hair but not frizz free hair.
  3. Ironing over dried unprotected hair is the most common cause to frizzy hair. This is how virgin hair (hair that has not been chemically processed) losses its shine and smoothness. Have you been using any heat protection? Thought so… Hair irons also hide frizz, they do not eliminate frizz.
  4. Using the wrong products together with the above mentioned situations will contribute significantly to frizzy hair which will eventually cause more damages to the hair shaft.

With so many other factors contributing to frizzy hair as well, how can one eliminate frizz completely? The simple solution is Micro Keratin. Micro Keratin treatments provide a second chance for everybody with any hair type. Its main purpose is to eliminate frizz by closing the cuticle.  This is how styling time can be reduced while providing that lost shinny and smooth texture you once had. We recommend Micro Keratin products because it’s the safest product on the market which lasts the longest, up to 6 months with the correct home care.

Since 2009, Hair at Mel’s in Springfield Park, Durban has always remained committed with helping their customers overcome their hair problems.  For them, their success is measured by the many people they have helped in their communities. They also pay careful attention to their customers needs through regular feedback so that they can provide their customers with the best service possible.   For further inquiries about their business you can call them directly on 0312019682 or alternatively, just pop in to say hi ! you can also visit their website www.hairatmels.co.za and like them on facebook.


Safty instructions


You know how hair professionals are always warning you not to use box dye’s .  There’s a reason for that, and it’s because of the developer.

Developer is a totally crucial element in the hair colouring process. It comes in different strengths, usually referred to as “volumes” which will tell you how much it can change your hair.

10 volume developer is the most gentle and works on normal hair types; it will let you deposit colour only.  20 volume developer is much stronger developer and will shift your hair one to two shades and this is used on slightly resistant hair types , while 30 volume developer will let you alter your hair 3 to 4 shades and is used for stubborn hair types .

Box dyes come with developer and dye packaged together, but the developer found in box dyes are offer a 30 – 40 volume (for extremely stubborn greys). If you are wondering what happened to your once lovely, soft and healthy hair….Well, now you know….

Weak and damaged hair types might be very sensitive to home dyes because of its extremely high levels of developer which will cause hair to become even more brittle or break.

Why not leave it to the professionals? Hair at Mel’s in Springfield Park offers an in-salon service for grey hair Maintenance called Roots to Go. This service guarantees no Colour build ups, customized colour with the right developer for your hair type and a much healthier looking hair. For more information about Hair at Mel’s, their services and what their customers think, visit www.hairatmels.co.za or call them directly on 0312019682 alternatively just pop in to say hello and meet their team.

What is Mycro Keratin?

Micro keratin-hair-straighteningIs Mycro Keratin a type of straightener? 

NO! Micro keratin is not a Permanent straightener or any type of straightener.   Permanent straighteners are generally chemicals which change the bonds (Molecular structure)  of the hair permanently.  These chemicals work from the inside of the hair shaft (see below image).  Although the hair may be permanently straightened from the inside, it will cause damage to the cuticle which protects the hair from frizz found outside of the hair shaft.   So permanent straighteners can remove curls but not eliminate frizz.  After permanently straightening the hair, you will need to replace the protein and moisture back to the hair through additional treatments and proper after care.

How does Mycro Keratin Work?

Micro Keratin works from the outside of the hair shaft.  It replaces the hair with keratin (protein).  Hair loses its natural keratin through hair coloring, permanent straightening, relaxing, ironing, blow drying, brushing, washing,  sun and wind. Micro Keratin repairs and restores the keratin to the cuticle (outside) and cortex (inside) and does not change the molecular structure of the hair.

The results are smooth shiny frizz free hair which makes it easy to maintain.  Although Micro Keratin is the safest option for smooth frizz free hair, it only lasts between 4-6 months. The advantage is that you will not endure any grow out like the permanent straightener.  Micro keratin is suitable for ages and all hair types.

Does Mycro Keratin contain any harmful chemicals? 

No, Mycro Keratin does not contain any harmful chemicals.  Brazilian keratin treatments however, contains high level of Formalin which are used as a “glue” used to help stick the keratin on the hair.  This can be dangerous when inhaled.   Mycro Keratin however works of Nano technology.  Instead of adding a “glue” to hold the keratin to the hair, this keratin treatment is broken down to micro particles which makes it easy for the particles to cling to the hair shaft.  Hence the name Mycro keratin.  Excessive amounts of formalin “glue” can make the treatment last longer but will also over shadow the real feeling and texture of the keratin treatment.

keratin treatments VS Permanent straightener




Will straighten out curls permanently

Reduces styling time by half

Dis advantage 

Contains harmful chemicals which breaks down the bonds of the hair which also dry’s out the hair causing breakage.

It does not remove frizz from hair

Re-growth has to be done every 4-6 months or endure a band grow out.

Not recommended for highlighted or over processed hair

Needs specific after care products

Risk of damage 90%



Removes frizz from hair

Reduces styling time by half

Contains NO harmful chemicals

easy to manage curls

Highly recommended to apply colour immediately before MK treatment.  Helps colour last longer.

Adds shine and body to hair

Deposits keratin which is a kind of protein hair is made of.

application can be done anytime

Risk of damage 30%


Lasts up to 6 months,

More about permanent straighteners and Micro Keratin

In the past, stylist had very limited choices to help their clients manage their hair at home.  Permanent straighteners we meant to be used to remove unwanted curls not to remove frizz.  Since Permanent straighteners have been made popular, we are now beginning to notice the damage caused by straighteners.

Keratin treatments do not damage/alter or change the molecular  structure of the hair in any way. They coat the hair on the outside locking and sealing any colour underneath it, protecting the hair.   Permanent straighteners however, change the molecular structure causing the damages. Yes, The keratin treatment will wash away after a some months but at least it wouldn’t leave the hair dry and damaged.


Salon re-launch geared for festive season

Staff 2015 re-launch

Salon re-launch geared for festive season

Over the past 6 years, Hair at Mel’s salon surfed the waves, both highs and lows in business all the while learning and gathering information about what their customers’ are looking for. It comes as no surprise that their salon already offers wonderful products with incredible customer service.  So what else does this little dynamite of a salon has to offer?

This past Friday, Hair at Mel’s re-launched their business with a complete new make over. For them, this re-launch was not just about their re-vamped new look but it was also an opportunity to create an environment which will help serve their customers more efficiently.  Aside from a complete new shop fitting, this salon has increase in their quality of products and services. Some of the improvements will include hair repair treatments infused with chemical treatments.  This new technology will prevent chemical damage  to the hair. Another amazing treatment which will renew your hair is called Micro Keratin treatment(MK).  If you have not heard about the new MK Treatment, then let them be the first to tell you about it. The new MK treatment works on a much deeper level of the hair providing repair with brilliant shine. This new technology boasts no harmful chemicals which can last up to 6 months. They have seen far better results here than you normal Keratin treatment. The great news is that customers can expect a guaranty with this treatment. Their recently opened beauty salon has responded tremendously well to their customers which also played a significant part of their re-launch. With products like Environ, you can expect reasonable priced treatments with excellent customer services.

Their re-launch also came with special offers on Hair Colour, Keratin Treatments and Permanent Straighteners. Almost R10000 worth of products have also been given away and will continue while stocks last. Every Customers who spends R400 or more will receive a gift.  Hair at Mel’s hope’s to continue to steer their way forward conquering new relationships in their community with healthier hair and body.  If you are looking for a salon this festive season, give this hard working salon a call.  Its worth it !

Shaving or waxing hair?

Waxing hair

1. With waxing hair, the hair is removed from the root, thus prolonging growth, leaving skin smooth for weeks.
2. Continuous waxing hair makes the texture of the hair finer, and over a period of time, reduces hair growth
3. Waxing hair also removes dead skin cells, leaving the skin not only smooth, but brighter in appearance

1. One can feel slight discomfort for the moment
2. When waxing hair, it needs to be a certain length in order to be lifted with the wax.

Shaving hair
1. Painless
2. Can be done quickly at home
3. Cheaper option

1.  Causes skin irritation
2.  Regrowth is thick and coarse
3.  Very temporary option as the area only stays smooth for up to a day
4.  Causes ingrown hair
5.  Can cause pigmentation in certain areas

Every sexy woman knows that beauty comes with pain, where there’s no pain, there’s no gain….

Hair loss causes


People who experience hair loss or balding hair usually seek help after a noticeable difference.  This results in desperate attempts to use what ever products that claims to grow back hair.  The results are often negative leading to insecurity, lack of confidence and sometimes becoming unsociable. The good news is that hair loss can be beaten and reversed.  In order to beat hair loss, you will need to understand what causes your hair to fall so that you will understand how to treat it.

There are many different types of hair loss.  Hormones imbalance, Stress, illness, medication, diets, and child birth can cause temporary hair loss.  Pattern baldness are the most common types of hair loss which can last for a very long time so go head and thank your parents for that.  This type of hair loss is hereditary from both sides and can skip a generation. Genes passed down to us  produce hormone which creates unnecessary high levels of Dihydrotestosterone (commonly known as DHT).

Pattern baldnessDHT is produced by your body every minute of the day and this attacks your hair follicle underneath the skin slowly thinning the hair until it falls out.  So how do we know if DHT is your case of hair loss? Its a very clear pattern . With Men, we notice that the receding line on both the sides and around the crown starts to thin out and continues until they meet.  With Woman, we notice the thinning of hair starting from the center path and slowly moves across onto both sides.  The solution, block the DHT from attacking the follicle.

Your body is always producing DHT through out the day and night, although slower at night because you’re resting.   But what about hair which has already fallen out already?  Can that be reversed?  Even though your hair appears to have fallen out, it does not mean that it is lost completely. The follicle survives a  short while until it dies of completely.  If you can provide that follicle with the right feed before it dies, you will be able to save and regrow it. Unless of cos you have left it for too long.

Revivogen Pro hair loss products -DurbanThere are many products on the market which can slow hair loss down but not too many of them can reverse the process.  So how do you choose the best product with the best results for hair loss?  its simple, start from products which are clinically proven, dermatologist approved, natural oils with out any side effects.  This leaves you with only one option… Revivogen Pro! The most simple yet effective treatment which can produce results within 90 day.  Using Revivogen once a day will block the DHT from attacking your hair follicle and stimulate the diminished hair follicle to grow back again.

Although you may not require any reassurance regarding Revivogen’s authenticities, below you will find a few publications in popular magazines.



For most women, washing and setting their hair at home can be dreadful.  It can take hours to straighten out frizzy hair but not to mention those painful shoulders and arms. So what causes hair to frizz up?  Cuticles (outside layer of hair), usually lies down flat which gives the hair a shinny and smooth texture, look and feel.  When the cuticles are lifted, it will allow moisture from the air to enter the hair causing hair to frizz up.



So what causes the once smooth cuticle to lift/open?

A) Hair dyes and bleach are chemicals which instantly cause the cuticle to lift from just one application. More than one application would over process the hair causing not just frizzy hair but sometimes irreversible damage to the hair.

B) Permanent straightening or relaxes can only remove curls, not frizz. You might end up with straight hair but not frizz free hair.

C) Ironing over dry unprotected hair is the most common cause to frizzy hair. This is how virgin hair (hair that has not been chemically processed)   losses its shine and smoothness. Have you been using any heat protection?  Thought so…  Hair irons hide frizz, they do not eliminate frizz.

D) Using incorrect products over the above mentioned situations will contribute significantly to frizzy hair which will eventually cause more damages to the hair shaft.

With so many other factors as well contributing to frizz, how does one eliminate frizz completely?  The solution is Keratin treatments.  Keratin treatments have been the evolution to the hair industry since hair colour was invented.  Keratin treatments provide a second chance for anybody with any hair type.  Its main purpose is to eliminate up to 90 percent of frizz by sealing the hair cuticle.  This reduces your styling time by half and replaces that lost shinny and smooth texture you once had. We recommend Micro Keratin as our choice of keratin treatment because it’s the safest with the least amount of harmful chemicals but can also last our customers the longest.

Over the past 8 years Hair at Mel’s in Springfield Park has remained committed to helping their customers achieve healthy hair. They overcome their challenges by remaining dedicated to always learning.  They also continue to grow their business through their customer’s regular feedback. They also offer unique services like Roots to Go coupled with an excellent cash back program.  If you would like to know about their services or have any questions,  you can call them on  0312019682 (7 days a week) or visit their website www.hairatmels.co.za  

Hair Problems?

hairtips-blow-dryer-flat-ironandhairproductsDuring the past year, Hair at Mels has helped hundreds of men and woman resolve their hair problems.  Be it hair loss, damaged hair, oily or dry hair or providing a simple hair cut, color and style which transformed individuals.  Whatever the problem was, Hair at Mels has always went the extra mile to help their customers.

Hair at Mels is taking their passion for hair and helping people a step further.  Every week, in this column (The weekly Gazette), Mel will be available to assist anyone seeking professional advice or answering questions where hair is concerned. All you have to do is tell them what your problems are and they will provide you with the best professional advice or solutions. Here are some of the most common problems individuals are faced with, Hair loss or thinning hair, dryness, oiliness, breaking hair, styling, product choices and hair colouring.