Permanent hair straightening

The Truth about Permanent Hair Straightening

permanent hair straightening

Here’s what happens to relaxed or permanently straightened hair.   look at what your hair looks like under the microscope. (See image on left) 

The Cortex is responsible for wave or curl the hair has. The Cortex is the part of the hair which needs to be straightened.  The cuticle is responsible for the shine and smooth texture as well as the protection to the hair itself. (healthy look).

For chemicals to get to the Cortex to for the processing, it has to pass through the Cuticle.  But cuticle of the hair is usually sensitive when it comes to chemicals…

So its simple to say, repair the cuticle after permanently straightening the Cortex  …. but its not that easy… 

permanent hair straightening

The cuticle is the scale like surface found on the outside of the hair.  It protects the hair while providing shine when it’s closed.  If the Cuticle is left open or damaged, it will absorb moisture from the air causing frizz.

Once the permanently hair straightening process is complete, the cuticle needs to be repaired.  Regular treatments can help repair the hair but it depends on the overall condition of the hair.  It really depends on how how much stress your cuticles has already been through.  For example, Coloring the hair lifts the cuticle and over coloring can over process the hair (NOT GOOD).  Using an iron often without any heat proction can also cause the cuticle to burn, tear, break, or become dry and damaged.  Thats just only a few example….

 Using the the correct products can help repair the cuticle by providing the moisture and proteins which have been lost through any chemical service. 

Although there are many permanent hair straightening product options on the market, Mel chooses to use Opti – Smooth (USA)  and Milk _Shake hair (Italy) as they are reputable brands who they trust.

Unlike the Japanese hair straightening system, these products carry Professional After care range to ensure optimum repair to the cuticles and Cortex of the hair.

Once the hair is Permanently straightened its is important  to follow through with professional aftercare products to repair the cuticle and the Cortex.   This process will leave your hair not only straight, smooth and shiny, but it will also save you and enormous amount of time styling.

How much will the permanent hair straightening cost?


This service usually cost over R1200 depending on your length of your hair and texture.  If you wish to consider this service, Mels is giving you a 1/2 price special from Mondays to Thursdays only.  This promotion is intended to make it easier for customers to purchase the best after care products needed to ensure smooth and shinny cuticles.   Customers who are looking for advice or any other queries can contact the store directly on 0312019682 or email

Permanent Hair Straighteners: Does It Really Work?

f you’re after something that won’t just last until your next shampoo, doesn’t require a battle with the hairdryer AND withstands the most extreme weather conditions, then permanent hair straighteners may just be the solution for you…

permanent hair straightenerPermanent hair straighteners has been a salvation for those with even the most rebellious curls, kinks and frizz, but how much maintenance is really involved, and how long do the results last? Hair at Mels uses the Matrix Opti Smooth (USA), which is a sister company of L’Oreal.  This product  helps transform unruly, curly and wavy hair to achieve smoother, silkier locks.   Mel Also uses the Z.ONE  Relax’ss (ITALY) which does NOT contain any Ammonia while enriched with Amino acid which provides the hair with additional nourishments for  a longer lasting effects.

How long does it last? This service is designed to last permanently, however it would depend on the texture of the hair and the natural curl. Other factors that would affect the time it lasts is how quickly the hair grows.

Is permanent hair straighteners damaging?  Both Our products are is a milder way of straightening hair, as opposed to the harsh effects of Japanese straighteners, and provides a more straightening effect than the Brazilian Blowout. The service will also result in less daily straightening of the hair so less damage is avoided from heat products.

Who is it for? We’re able to customise the degree of straightness you desire; from just eliminating frizz, to straightening out curls using different strengths of solution and adjusting processing timing. It is therefore suitable for all hair types – from thin and straight to natural thick curls.

Will you ever get your natural curls back?  The clients natural curls will come back over time once the straightened procedure has grown out of the hair. They should consult their stylist on the right cut and styling techniques as it grows out.

How much will it cost?   The price will depend on the length of the hair and texture.  For example, Shoulder length hair can cost between R800 – R1200.

Mel’s hair salon really means business…

Arrive at Mel’s hair salon and you will encounter a friendly and warm hair salon where staff love what they do and have a passion for serving people.  Established in the year 2009 Hair At Mels has ever since been inspired by their clientèle. For them, their greatest success is measured by the many satisfied customers who have overcome hair problems with expert advice from Hair At Mels. But that’s not where it stops. They also pay attention to the fmel's hair saloneedback of dissatisfied clients and use this feedback to improve their services and motivate them to make greater strides. Their vision is to remain passionate and committed to building a business with better quality of services. They continuously seek feedback from customers be it positive or negative. Mel’s hair salon has recently identified an anonymous way of receiving feedback from customers. This they are doing in the form of a chosen customer interface for the period 1 August- 1 October. During this period, their customer

, Dr Nirmala Gopal, a senior lecturer at the University of KwaZulu Natal, will be providing feedback on how to improve services in the salon. She will also be available for email discussions with clients on their experiences as well as suggestions for better ways of conducting services in the salon. All clients will be able to contact her on during working hours.   Nirmala Gopal, has been a regular customer since 2010 and participated in the T.V. show “The Business Coach” – a programme that showcased Hair At Mels as a small to medium business enterprises, sponsored by Standard Bank- which was aired on sabc3 in September 2012.  Hair At Mels strongly believes that a brand ambassador will help them bridge the gap between what customers really need and a good business.   Over the next 6 months, Hair At Mels will be available to solve regular and challenging hair problems that men and women experience. If you would like to know more about Mel’s hair salon or need professional advice, kindly forward your query to  Alternatively just pop in and say hello to their friendly team…   Our hair salon is based in Springfield park, Durban. We attract customers to our salon from near by Durban North, Durban Overport, Durban Reservoir hills, Durban Parlock,Durban  Newlands, and other Durban

Keratin Treatments old news, says Mel

Keratin Treatments old news

The information published in the daily news dated 23 April 2014 entitle Toxic Hair Care Scare which relates to the Brazilian Keratin Treatments is neither shocking nor surprising to us at Hair At Mel’s.  Information reported in the article was made public in 2011 and is not new information.  So why all the media hype now?

The fact about the Brazilian Keratin treatments is that its long lasting effect is made possible through the amount of formalin (‘glue’) that determines its strength and longevity.  More formalin (‘glue’) provides a longer, while less formalin provides a shorter effect.  Without any ‘glue’, these treatments would not last for more than 3 weeks.  So what is considered safe while maintaining its longevity? According to The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in the United States, 0.2% formalin is allowed. Anymore is considered unsafe.

We at Hair At  Mels have always used the La-Brasiliana Keratin treatment which contains 0.18% formalin, that’s 0.02 % less than the recommended amount yet providing a longer effect.  We have used these products because we take the safety of our customers seriously.  According to The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) La-Brasiliana Keratin Treatment has never been banned or under scrutiny in the United states.  We have been educating our customers ever since we first introduced these products allowing them to make an informed decision. Since 2011, La-Brasiliana, was recommended in the January 2014 edition of the O Magazine.

Hair At Mels is a brand you can trust.  Let Us worry about you’re the health of your hair and image while you can relax in confidence that we will take good care of you.  To find out more about our services and products, contact Hair At Mels in Springfield park on Tel 0312019682 or,

Brazilian Keratin Treatments

healthy-hair What is the difference between the Brazilian keratin treatment and Permanent hair straightening treatment?

It does not faze us at Hair at Mels when our customers are unable to tell the difference between the two treatments. This is because included in our service is educating our clients. Nonetheless the most common mistake clients make is that when they ask for a Brazilian treatment they really expect permanently straightened hair.  So today we focus on educating you on the difference between the two treatments.

Brazilian Keratin Treatment

The Brazilian Keratin treatment is not a permanent hair straightener. It is in fact  a Treatment!  The main benefit of this treatment, achieved through the elimination of almost 90% of the frizz,is silky soft hair.The Brazilian keratin treatment consistsof mainly Keratin (proteins which makes up hair, nails and skin). However some do consist of Collagen which provides elasticity to the hair.The Brazilian Keratin treatment is ironed onto the hair which fills the hair repairing the damages caused from ironing, blow-drying, dyes, over processing or the environment.  The hair is sealed by flattening the cuticle which provides the silky, smooth and shiny texture. It then coats the outside of the hair like a stocking. This stocking effect, protects the hair from absorbing moisture or humidity from the air. This protection can last between 2-4 months depending on how often you shampoo your hair. As you shampoo your  hair, the treatment gradually washes away.  If you want to prolong the treatment you should use sodium salphate free shampoos which contain Keratin and Collagen.Once the treatment washes off completely, your hair will then return to its original state.

Permanent Hair Straightener

Hair straightening treatments are permanent and are designed to straighten and relax the hair so that you don’t have to use a flat iron as often. These treatments contain a chemical that breaks the bonds that give each strand its straight shape. This treatment is suitable for coarse, frizzy or curly hair types. Keep in mind that…since this treatment permanently changes the structure of the hair, you have to continue them or endure a grow-out period. They contain chemicals which could damage the hair. If your hair is over processed you would be wiser to go for an alternate treatment.  The Permanent Hair StraightingTreatment should be applied by a qualified stylist who evaluates your hair before applying the product. It is important to tell the stylist everything you’ve done to your hair in the past two years.

As part of our on-going promotions and due to popular demand Hair At Mel’s is offering all customers a 50% Off the Brazilian Treatment and Permanent hair straightening treatment during the month of March 2014. Should you have any questions regarding the treatments kindly email

Frizzy hair in Durban

How to prevent Frizzy hair in Durban


hair in DurbanNo more Frizzy hair in Durban

La-Brasiliana is a keratin and collagen based TREATMENT.  This smoothes, shines, softens, Eliminates Frizz making it more manageable while reducing the time it takes to style your hair.   Unlike the Japanese hair straightener, La-Brasiliana is not a straightener so you will never lose your curls.

This hair treatment repairs your hair while coating each hair strand like a stocking effect which protects your hair against humidity which is the No.1 cause for frizzy unruly hair in Durban. Living along the coast line generally omits a lot of humidity which results in the hair absorbing the humidity thus causing frizzy hair in Durban and Durban is well known for its high humidity.

Safe for Children from the age of 7 which can help parents by reducing the time it takes to style.  In most cases, you would just blow dry and go.  . It is recommended for all hair types, curly, coloured, highlighted, bleached, etc including ethnic hair as well.

It is highly recommended to colour your hair before the treatment as it will lock in the colour’s vibrancy for at least two weeks longer.  The application process takes anywhere from 1.5 to 4 hours, creating a glossy finish and immediately you will notice  visible results that last up to four months. After treatment with La-Brasiliana keratin treatment, hair maintenance is virtually effortless and unscathed by humidity, rain, or perspiration.

Hair Dryer VS Hair Iron

 Which hair appliance do you think is most important to you – Hair dryer vs hair Iron 

Hair dryer vs hair iron

As many good artisan knows…. It is best to use the right tools if you want excellent workmanship at the fastest time possible.

I’ve Been a hairstylist for almost 14 years and in my experience, so to answer your question about hair dryer vs hair iron, in my opinion, its the dryer and here’s why….

using a good hair powerful hair dryer reduces the time it takes to style your hair and makes it easy to iron.

You probably don’t know what I am talking about if your are using a dryer bought from click or some were other than a professional hair salon. Home dryers have smaller motors which usually means less wind and more heat.  It simply means that home dryers are very hot with less wind which results in over heating your hair but taking a long time to dry…. makes sense?

Its like drying your clothes out on a extremely hot day with no wind with the results of a hard scotched clothes.

Power dryers however are quick and powerful enough to straighten your hair with less frizz. Some customers prefer using a blow dryer only to straighten their hair.

 Hair dryer vs hair iron… can live with out a hair iron but not with out a dryer.  

Styling tip: for healthy shinny straight hair

Always Use good heat  protectors.  With out heat protectors, your hair will eventually dry out causing unmanageable frizz.  For longer hair, use a paddle brush to prevent breaking the hair.  Always blow dry in the direction of your style.

Hair salons in Durban – Customers protest

Protesters aganist hair salons in durban

Recent protest cause concerns about hair salons in Durban

Hundreds of women gathered this Morning in preparation to boycott against their hair salons in Durban after recent price hikes.  A spokes person for the angry protesters who remained Anonymous said “ Our cost of living is too high and hair salons in Durban are becoming too expensive” Another woman said “I was charged twice the amount on my last visit and without any additional services done”

The gathering was soon over when local business owner from Hair At Mel’s intervened and negotiations took place immediately. After listening to the upset protesters, Melissa Raman (Hair At Mels)  said that the negotiations  was quick & easy because many hair salons in Durban did not offer any value added services and did not listen to their customers either.

Mel said that they offer their customers excellent rewards programs which helps pay for they hair colour and other services making their monthly hair expenses really affordable.  Mel also mentioned how they pay close attention to the customers feed back to help improve their services.  

After hearing Mel’s offer with their excellent customers services , the protestors immediately relief with smiles on their faces.   The spokes person for the gathering protestors said that they where very happy with  Hair at Mels offer and the way the offer and that customers needed to be more conscious of what they are actually paying for and need to speak out. It was voices saying that there should be more Hair salons in Durban like Hair at Mel’s. The protest soon broke out and everyone had left. 

Hair Loss & Thinning Hair

How does Hair Loss & Thinning Hair begin?

Women-Hair-LossHair Loss in Male & Female occurs for a variety of reasons. The common reason for hair loss in Men are caused from a hormone called DHT (dihydrotestosterone) which is derived from testosterone. Once this hormone is secreted onto the scalp, it causes havoc in hair follicles which are sensitive to its effects.  This eventually causes the hair follicles to miniaturize then die off completely. A typical pattern of hair loss  which starts from the temples, the crown or even both is commonly known as Male Pattern Baldness.

Has either side of your family suffered from hair loss?

Genetics is the biggest cause in Male Pattern Baldness. genetically,the sensitivity of  DHT can be passed from either side of the family. The chances of inheriting this effect are greater if both sides of the family suffered from hair loss. It can also skip generations making it  unlucky for most men.


Address the problem sooner as the options will be more open to the problem.  DHT needs time to work its damage, and it can be washed off the scalp by a good shampoo.  Washing often as possible – ideally, everyday.  Severe workouts such as muscle building can boost testosterone levels which in turn increases the amount of DHT that ends up in the hair follicle. However, daily aerobic exercises can lower the amount of  DHT in the gents system. Avoid rough toweling which can damage the already sensitive follicle.


Latest technology reveals that Spectral DNC which can reverse the system by stopping further hair loss and regrowing your hair . Click Here to learn more about Spectral DNC and SPECIAL OFFERS




ghd hair irons - eclipse

The New  ghd hair irons

In April 2013, ghd launched their New ghd hair iron called the Eclipse which was at the Arts Space Gallery in Durban.  It has long been since ghd’s last upgrade so local hairstylist and big stockist came pouring in from a much anticipated wait.  The launch showcased the Eclipse with live Demo’s using models with different hair types which also gave the local stylist an opportunity to test drive the iron.

  I was quite surprised to see that the ghd hair iron styler DID NOT have a heat control setting. As most stylist know, the standard recommended heat for ironing hair is 185 0C. Anything above will eventually cause damage to the hair.  The ghd Eclipse Tri-zoneTM technology places the ghd Eclipse far ahead of alls its competitors.  It has 3 heat senses on each plate which maintain its heat of  185 0C  constantly through out its ironing process.  The benefit of this new technology is that you can get a slick salon finish with just one run of the Iron.  This new technology is particularly effective on coarse hair.  What may have taken 3 or 4 runs with the older versions will only take 1 run.  This is known as – Trizone Technology.   It even works on Affro hair, which is notoriously difficult to straighten.   This technology has been patented for 20 years.

 Another comparison between previous ghd versions is that the plates of the Eclipse can tilt in all four directions. The older <a href=”http://hairatmels cialis generique en” rel=”no” target=”no”>ghd hair iron versions can only tilt in two directions( back & forward).  The ghd Eclipse hair iron also boasts Their  new casing  made from Aerogel.  Aerogel is the material used on space craft to keep the structure cool.  After 45 minutes of switching on the iron, the outside casing of the Eclipse will still remain cool.

Finally! An Iron that does it all with one stroke.  With its modern look and feel, combined with its unique Tri Zone technology and accompanied by its five star pricing, the NEW Eclipse ghd hair iron is considered the ROLLS Royce of Hair Irons and takes back its position as the leading hair styler in the world.

Key Features
Tri-zone technology
Single stroke styling
Can style all hair types
Super fine, precision finished plates
More effecting heat
Cooler body
2 year guarantee