Is Box color really bad for your hair?


Is Box color really that bad for your hair?

Women who use box color at home don’t usually notice anything bad or different about their hair, except for the straw like feel. But that’s normal right? WRONG! And here is why… Box color is mass produced with a highly concentrated standard amount of developer. The reason for this is to open the cuticles of virgin hair and deposit the color. Continuously applying the same highly concentrated developer to regrowth, damages your hair, creating overly processed hair and that common straw like feel. But wait… what about all those celebrities you see on TV adverts, are they really using them? Well, women like Eva Longoria are paid thousands to endorse home colors, while you at home only pay around R120. Still not convincIs box color good or baded? Then here are 7 more reasons: 1) As a box colour user, the “laws of colour” are not on the packaging. You probably never went to Cosmotology school to figure out your hair colour, when its processing or how to mix colours. So lets face it, box colour is more like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get. 2) One size doesn’t fit all – So lets think about this logically, box colour is created so that anyone can use it, hence the maximum amount of pigment and developer. But remember as mentioned before, already dyed hair doesn’t need such a strong developer. Rather customize your look by consulting a hair professional to create a colour just for YOU! 3) Regrowth troubles – Leave it to the professional! Its all about customizing. Remember your regrowth is virgin hair and the rest of it has probably seen damage from UV exposure or styling. Think you can make your regrowth and the rest of your hair colour look the same? Didn’t think so… 4) One colour – So what happens when you want actual dimension? Or a softer, ombre look? One colour in a box is not going to achieve that, hence most hair professionals never use less than 2 colours to get your desired colour. This is customization at its best! 5) Ammonia – Most permanent hair colours make use of Ammonia, which blasts open your hair cuticle, allowing colour to penetrate the hair, becoming permanent. The more you use ammoniated colour, the quicker your hair fades, causing you to dye it more often. 6) High levels of PPD – I mentioned that box colour contains excessive amounts of pigment. But what does this mean? PPD also known as pphenylenediamine has been known to cause an increase in allergies worldwide. Advice – seek out a permanent colour that is low in PPD to avoid allergic reactions. 7) Metallic salts – Some box dyes today still use metallic salts which have been used since the 1800’s. Metallic salts build on the hair, causing it to darken, making it difficult to remove or lighten. Over time this makes your hair start to feel hard to the touch. So, have you decided to listen to the 7 reasons, or do you still think you know best? Well, ORANGE you the hair expert… We say orange, because often that is the colour your hair will turn when attempting to use box colour. Remember this formula for healthy hair: Protein + Moisture + Proper pH = Healthy Hair Do your hair and wallet a favour, seek professional advice and customize