Mel’s Salon now opened Durban North

Mels Salon now opened Durban North, Kensington Sqaure.


Based in Springfield Park  recently opened in Overport and Now here in Durban North. Mels Salon is surely growing very quickly.  The question is why and can they make a difference in Durban North?

Established in the year 2009 Mel has since been inspired by their customers. For them, their greatest success is measured by the many satisfied customers. They are focused on quality and provide expert advice. But that’s not where they stop. They also pay close attention to the feedback of dissatisfied clients and use this feedback to motivate them. They envision themselves as innovative leaders who are always re shaping their business model to suite their customers needs. They are truly a passionate team who love their job.

As the saturated Hair industry  continues to create price wars and loses focus on quality, Mel’s hair salons are approaching the industry differently.  They are coming up with solutions to provide customers with consistency in services. Using advanced technology and an efficient system, they have brought a new concept of doing business in this industry.

Mauro Bonini, stylist and owner of Headboyz salon at the Kensington Square believes in Mels idea and concept.  After 25 years of hairdressing in Durban North, Mauro closes his chapter in hairdressing and passes his salon onto Mel and their new concept of doing business. Mauro believes Mel’s business concept will create new job opportunities faster and provide the community with a better service.

Although Mel has an established customer base in Durban North, they are so excited and looking forward to making new friends and families.  The next time you visit the Kensington square center in Durban North be sure to visit their friendly team.  For more information about Mels hair salons, trading hours, their products or services, visit or call 0312019682




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