Mels salon Vs Coronavirus

We understand that this is a stressful time during this Coronavirus pandemic. In effort for combating the coronavirus, we at Mels Hair Salon just wanted to reassure you that we are even more committed to providing a safe and healthy environment. Although we have already been practicing good hygiene since before the coronavirus, we have made some inclusions to help us keep our environment sterile and safer for all customers and our staff.

Our disinfectants have been replaced by Isopropyl Alcohol which is normally used to clean beauty equipment and tools. We are now using this to wipe and clean all surface areas including chairs, workstations and basins. We have already been using it to clean our Brushes, combs, basins, scissors, clippers and others tools before and after they are used on customers.

We also have hand sanitizes which contains 75% of rubbing alcohol which we will be asking customers to use on entrance of our stores.

Should any of our staff show signs of being ill, we will immediately place them on sick leave and they will only return until we are sure they are not infected by the virus.

We would also like to ask all customers to please use tissue to cover their mouth and nose should they feel the need to cough or sneeze and not their hands. feel free to use our hand sanitizes or liquid soap to wash your hands.

Finally, if you are not feeling well, rather stay at home, get some rest and seek medical help if needed.

Your support during this time is important to us. Any suggestions are welcome to help us serve you better. For suggestions, please email us on

Lets stay positive and work together to stay healthy,

Be safe,


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