Moyoko is the new Professional Hair Iron that emits an infrared light from the center of the heated plates, and its brought to you by Mycro keratin.  If you didn’t know, Micro Keratin is the fastest growing keratin treatment on the the market.  Anyone who has done a Keratin treatment knows that the treatment has to be ironed onto the hair.  This ironing process activates the treatment as well as seals the cuticle leaving your hair with a smoother and frizz free hair for up to 6 months. Click here for more info about Mycro keratin 

Although The Moyoko hair iron was designed for application process when doing the Mycro keratin in the salon, we believe that it will also become a house hold name very soon.  And here’s why….

The Moyoko hair iron radiates an infrared light found on the center of the heated tourmaline plates.  We know!!! Its hard to imagine….

Infrared Light reduces hair damage by 60%. Long term benefits mean less breakage. This technology also helps retain moisture and therefore increases shine and manageability.

Another amazing feature is the ironic generator.  The ironic generator emit irons into your hair to restore the balance of positive and negative ions which makes your hair shiny, smooth, frizz free and manageable.

Can Moyoko be used at home ?

Yes! Like most hair irons today, Moyoko offers the control of temperature which can be lowered to be used at home.  Using the Moyoko hair iron in conjunction with the Mycro Keratin treatment and after care products is believed to sustain a smoother and frizz free hair for a much longer period than any other hair iron or keratin treatments on the Market.

The Price?

We feel that most hair irons today are over priced. The Moyoko hair iron features everything that the most expensive hair irons offers plus Infrared emitting light and an ironic generator where no other iron has this feature.     This hair iron retails for an amazing R1800 and comes with a 2 year warranty.

Why not come visit our store in Springfield park and see what this new innovative technology is all about.  Its worth the price !!!

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