Mycro Keratin treatments have become the fastest growing hair repair and frizz free treatment in South Africa.   There’s a reason for that!  The Mycro Keratin hair treatment does not contain any harmful chemicals and yet it can last for up to 6 months.  Mycro keratin not only repairs the hair but it can also eliminate more than 90 percent of frizz from the hair.  This is how MK treatment reduces the Styling time by half leaving you with more time to do other things.

Mycro Keratin SA and their technicians will be visiting Mel’s Salon this Friday, 25 August 2017. Customers, who are lucky to get an appointment on that day, will get to experience the MK Products and MK basin treatment for free with every service done.   You are invited to meet the team, view their products and ask questions. Customers who are already interested in doing the MK treatment will receive exclusive deals directly from the MK agents themselves. 

Fall in love with your hair all over again with Mycro Keratin at Mel’s Salon.  For more information about Mel’s Salon and their services, Visit or call them directly on Tel 031 2019682 alternatively just pop in to say hello and meet their team.

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