How does our referral program work?

Cindy usually pay’s R200 for her service every month.  So Cindy referred a friend for exactly the same service and she received a 20% off her service.

Cindy paid R160 instead of R200 and saved R40.  The more people you refer, the bigger the discount..   You can save up to 100 %  That’s just 5 customers and GET IT FREE

This is why , having friend means a great deal at Mel’s.

And there’s so much more…


Terms & Conditions

  • Accumulated discounts earned will be banked for 12 months only.
  • To qualify, you must be an existing customer.
  • Discounts apply to services only not products.
  • Accumulated discounts cannot be exchanged for cash or products.
  • Referrals to promotional items or services do not apply
  • Referrals must provide us with full names of the person who sent them.