Salon costs – Know what you pay for

While many people are cutting out their monthly expenses, does cheaper mean better? Not when it comes to your hair, says Mel from Mel’s hair Salon. Mel often hears about customers asking for specials, deals or promotions, but they seldom ask about their products used.

Mel says “Customers who are considering saving money should know what they are paying for otherwise they might end up spending more to redo their hair at another salon. So what are salons really charging for and how do you know what you’re paying for?

  • Firstly, do some research. Try Google searching the salon first to see what comes up. Google and Facebook makes it easy for customers to leave comments. See what the majority are saying.
  • While shopping for prices, check out what products they use at the salon basin. Always ask to see the products used. Customers believe anything their salon tells them but never check for themselves. Most customers don’t notice what products are really used at the basin. Good quality products at the basin indicate great value for money otherwise you’re paying too much.
  • Avoid big sales or discounts. Most hair salon deals are scams. You either pay the full price at the end of your service or you do not get what you asked for.

Save yourself the inconvenience and unnecessary expenses. Know what you’re paying for, after all it’s your money!

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