Did you know that keratin treatments first started arriving in South Africa in the year 2009. However, many people still misunderstand what keratin treatments are. Mel has advised many times before, Keratin treatments are not permanent hair straighteners! They are in fact hair treatments which repairs and smoothen out the frizz from hair. In other words, keratin treatments transform hair back in time. Regular exposure to hair irons, hairdryers and hair coloring break away the natural keratin from the hair causing the hair to frizz up. Since Keratin treatments removes the frizz from hair, it reduces blow drying & styling the hair by half the time. The longevity of the keratin treatment depends on the after care of the hair. Keratin treatments can last from 3 – 6 months or longer based on the correct aftercare used.

With poor regulations from the industry, many keratin treatments which have been banned in most countries continue to enter our country and have been flooding South Africa ever since. Mel is therefore always on the lookout for the safest keratin treatment not only for their customers but also for the wellbeing of their employees. Their well trained applicants are trusted for their experience who always ensures the best outcome. They are the only salon in the country who offer their customers a guarantee on their keratin treatment giving them the title “Best mycro keratin salon in Durban”. As part of their service, Mel always ensures that customers receive the right education and advice to get the most out of their keratin treatments lifespan.

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