Why Mel recommends Veaudry Hair irons

Veaudry hair ions are not new to the professional industry.  In fact they were launched in South Africa in the year 2006.  Mel recommends Veaudry hair irons as they have tried, tested and they have been using them at their salons for many years.

Mel’s customers are always seeking ways to reduce their styling time.  Veaudry Hair irons can provide just that. Veaudry hair irons offers a choice of variable heat setting which give Mel’s stylists the ability to control and choose the optimum temperature on different hair types. Although Veaudry was designed and intended for use by the professional hairstylist, using Veaudry at home can offer the same quality of shine and smoothness they receive at their hair salon.

Veaudry hair irons – Who are they and where did Veaudry hair irons come from? 

Veaudry hair irons was established in 2006 by Michelle Stanton who is a South African hair stylist residing in Johannesburg.  Being a hair stylist herself, who better can understand what woman want and need from a hair iron.Veaudry Hair Irons – Features and technology

Veaudry uses the properties of tourmaline to heat the hair from within preventing damage to the cuticle ( outer ) layer of your hair.

Designed to preserve the integrity of the hair while straightening it, Veaudry hair irons heats the hair shaft from within, locking in its moisture and enhancing its natural shine, leaving it perfectly straight with a healthy, glossy sheen.